TV's Teen Star
  Anna's second greatest hits record album...




TV's Teen Star





Record Company:

Unart Records


Track Listing:
Too Young
What The World Needs Now Is Love
All I Have To Do Is Dream

Little Things Mean A Lot

One Kiss Away

Why Don't They Understand

Save Your Heart For Me

Nothing But You

I Love How You Love Me*


*Different take than the previously released version on "Patty"


Liner Notes:

There never has been a teenager who hit show business with the impact that PATTY DUKE did. First she won awards on the Broadway stage, then conquered Hollywood. After that "The Patty Duke Show" scored tremendously on television and right now is spreading its wings to captivate many nations overseas. The -- ZAP -- came hit records -- one bigger than the next. Patty has struck gold in every avenue of the entertainment scene she has entered, and for very good reason too. She's a great actress --- a fact which is very evident in her singing. She has style and class and is not afraid to pour her emotions into a tune. Perhaps more important is that she is young and is chanting for and to her contemporaries.

Our album is called "TV's TEEN STAR" very simply because with a title like this, one can only be referring to PATTY DUKE. Most of the sides are familiar standards, but a small sampling of choice new goodies have been tossed in for good measure. The subject matter of the program has been hand-picked to relate to teenagers. The performances by Patty are like a breath of fresh air, and somehow manage to combine sincerity and emotion with an approach that is very much today.

Here is "TV's TEEN STAR," the very gifted PATTY DUKE. She's the best and so are the songs she has selected to present to us.


Fan Review:

Essentially this record should be titled "Patty Duke's Greatest Hits: Volume 2."  It contains all previously released material except "I Love How You Love Me" which is a previously unreleased version.  This record was released on the United Artists ill faded subsidiary record company Unart.  Definitely a must have for true fans of Anna's recordings, but I would recommend that the casual fan purchase her Greatest Hits package first.

-Craig Emery

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