We left for the airport around 1:30 am. We had a three hour drive. Our flight left at 6:30 am. we got into

LA on time. We headed to San Diego around a 11:00 am. We thought our trip to San Diego would only

take two hours, but we were wrong. It ended up taking us over three because of all the traffic. You would

think that will four lanes that traffic would go along pretty smoothly. But anyway. We got to our hotel

around 3:00 pm or so, by the time we checked in and got our things to our room it was to late to go to the

bear show. Since we had been up since Friday 9:00 am we decided to take a little cat nap. We were able to

go to a banquet that Anna would be at. We went down to get in line for the banquet (you had to check in).

As we were in line I saw Mike, my husband said go and say something to him. I said no I didn't feel that the

timing was right. Anyway as my husband and I are talking, I turned around and there she was. I couldn't

believe I was in the same room as she was. As she pasted by my heart skipped a beat. I was able to introduce

myself to Ann the bear designer. She was glad that we were there and all. You had to find your own seat

and my wonderful husband found a place about eight feet from where Mike and Anna were seating. We sat

down and my husband said this is your chance go and take it. So I did. I went up to Anna and Mike and said

Hi, my name is Tracy Mansur, I'm a friend of Billy's. Right away they asked how you were doing and I said

that you were fine and that you say hi and send your love. They thought that was so sweet. Lisa I also told

them that you said hi. They remember you and told me that they received your letter right before they had

left. Anna said to me that I looked very beautiful and a said no but thank you. My husband said I told her that

and she didn't believe me and Mike said they never do until they hear it from someone else. LOL. We told

them where we were from and they couldn't believe that we had come all that way.

I had a gift to give to Anna, so I gave it to her and she said you are so sweet thank you and gave me a hug

and a kiss. By this time I was on cloud 9. : ) The banquet started so we got in line for the food. It was buffet

style. Anna's table went first but Mike and Anna waited they didn't get up with their group. Our table got

up so we did to, and you will never guess who got in line behind us. That's right it was Mike and Anna. I

couldn't believe it. You went down both sides of the table. My husband and I as well as Ann went down one

side and Mike and Anna went down the other side. The food was just wonderful. They had a cheese tray

about three feet wide it was huge. Ann had said something about it and Anna said that she wanted it taken to

her room. We were right across from Anna and said asked me how I got so tan. I told her from being

outside with my kids. I couldn't believe that she asked my that. I don't think that I am very tan but everyone

else sure does. LOL. After we ate Anna gave a little speech about her collecting and about the bears. Then

they gave out the Toby Awards, which is like the Oscars for the teddy bear world. It was very interesting

and we had a great time. When the banquet was over a bunch of people went up to Anna. So we just kind of

just wanted till it cleared out some. Oh I forgot they had asked Anna to hand out the awards. Every time

someone wasn't there Anna would say that they would have to come to her home to get them. Cause she

was going to take them home. It was so much fun to just sit back and watch her with others. She is truly a

wonderful person!! Anyway, I was messing with something on the tale and my husband said to Anna may I

please get a picture with you and my wife. Anna said absolutely you bet. I had asked Anna if I could get a

picture with her and Mike she said yes. Then I said would it be ok to get one with just Mike, She said yes

only if I behaved myself. LOL. We talk for a little bit more. She told us what time she would be bear show

the next day. We said our byes and said see you tomorrow. It was a absolutely wonderful time. I was so

happy and excited.

I woke up early Sunday morning with a touch of the flu. As the day went along I did feel better. I guess too

much excitement for one night. LOL. We headed for the show around 10:30 am. When we got there we

saw Anna and Ann but didn't say anything cause she was talking with others. So we wanted to go and find

out where their booth was. Mike was there so I started talking with him. He is so nice and friendly. I had

asked him if he knew when Anna would be back and he said he wasn't sure she was shopping. But not to

worry she would be there. I told him that I would wait to get me bear till she came back. I wanted her to

pick it out. Mike said that she would be just tickled to do that. I had asked if Kevin had come with them and

he said that he stayed home with his aunt and uncle. As were talking Ann and Anna walked up. Anna said hi
Tracy. I was so happy that she remember my name. Mike told her about me wanting her to pick out the

bear and all. She was so excited that I wanted her to do that. I guess the day before things got pretty busy
for them. Anna really wanted to hand out the bears to the one who bought them. Which I thought was

great. For those who wanted to know the bears have Anna autograph on the left foot. She told me that she
had signed all of them in her kitchen. On the other foot she signed it personally to me. She put the date and

the #. My bear is 104 out of 1000. So as she was doing that I had bought some picture and her book to have

her sign. I had asked her if she would be able to do that the night before and she said of coarse. She said

thank you for the gift. She didn't have it because of the fire they had had. So thank you very much Bill for

information and help with that. I did tell Anna that you were the one who gave me the idea in the first

place. The gift was the complete set from the Capitan's and Kings. Anna told Ann that they would all watch

it when they got home. Mike said that he had never seen it before.

The first picture was from when she was in George Washington. She was so excited because she didn't have

anything from that movie. So I said why don't you just keep it. She said oh no Tracy I couldn't and I said

please I would be honored to give it to you. She said you are so sweet. The next picture was one from

Valley of the Dolls. She is trying to get the right to the movie. She wants to have a line of bears from the
character of the movie. I told her that would be great and she said I know. LOL. While all this was going on

my husband was taking pictures. Some people came up while I was putting everything back. So I went and
said bye to Ann and thanked her all her help. Also gave her a gifted which she said thank you for. We were

they for at least 20 or so minutes. I really don't know how long we were there but it was for a good amount

of time. We were ready to go. So I wanted to say bye to Anna. I said Anna we are going to go and I wanted

to say bye. She held her hands out and gave me a great big huge and a couple of kisses. I went to say bye to

Mike and Greg was saying bye to Anna. He was just going to shake her hand but she grabbed his neck and

gave him a huge as well. We said bye and we left. My husband asked if he would every be able to kiss my

on my cheek again because that is where Anna kissed me. LOL. He is soo funny.

So there is my story of my meeting with Anna. I was absolutely wonderful. She is everything that everyone

has said and sooooo much more. It will 24 hours that I will NEVER FORGET!!!!!!!! Thank you Bill for all

you do for this group and the information you share with us about Anna.