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The Miracle Worker (1959-1961)

Isle of Children (1962)

Dutchman (1969)

A Shot in the Dark (1973)

The Marriage Gambol (1974)

My Fat Friend (1975)

Rattle of a Simple Man (1976)

The Goodbye People (1978-1979)

The Miracle Worker (1979)

You Can Go Home Again and Take the Little Woman (1980)

Conversations With and Without Another (1984)

You Can Go Home Again Or At Least to Visit Your Sister (1984)

Meetin's on the Porch (1990)

Love Letters (1994)

The Glass Menagerie (1999)

Love Letters (2001)

The Glass Menagerie: A Stage Reading (2002)

Follies (2002)

Oklahoma! (2002-2003)

Love Letters (2003)

Gypsy: A Musical Fable (2003)

Love Letters (2005)

Billion Dollar Baby (2007)

Humble Boy (2007)

Blue Yonder (2008)

Wicked (2009)




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