Anna's second record album...









Record Company:

United Artists Records


Track Listing:
The World Is Watching Us
All Through The Day
Whenever She Holds You
Little Things Mean A Lot
One Kiss Away
I Love How You Love Me
Sure Gonna Miss Him
All I Have To Do Is Dream
Nothing But You


Liner Notes:

There are few success stories that can match the amazing Cinderella saga of PATTY DUKE, who, although still in her teens, has taken the world of entertainment and has indeed stood it on its collective ear.

Young Patty scintillated on the Broadway stage via an award-winning performance in the widely hailed "The Miracle Worker." She was presented with a coveted "Oscar" for her memorable role as young Helen Keller in the superb film version of this production, and then has since gone on to television where her top-rated "The Patty Duke Show" has been a standard bearer for the American Broadcasting Company during the past several seasons.

It has been only comparatively recently that the recording field has been added to this highly impressive list of Miss Duke's conquests. It all began in mid-1965 with her initial single, a gem entitled "Don't Just Stand There," which instantly catapulted to the top of the nation's bestseller charts and remained there for a goodly period. It contained with her album of the same title, and then with a steady flow of well-received platters.

Our PATTY DUKE is an amazing miss. Her voice is filled with warmth, charm and appeal. Her sound is distinctly her own, and flowing freely through every one of her performances is her uncanny ability as an actress. She's telling a story with all of the dynamic histrionic ability at her command. She is not simply a singer -- she's a lyricist's delight, with special emphasis on her refreshing and vital youthful approach.

This is just the second album to emanate from this delightful youngster. It contains a wonderful assortment of fine new tunes and well-remembered standards. Among the goodies is "Whenever She Holds You," a Duke hit that captured the public's fancy early in 1966. This is PATTY DUKE in her finest hour, chanting a carefully culled collection of winning songs and deftly utilizing all the incomparable and myriad talents that she--and only she--can muster.



Fan Reviews:

All you can say is "WOW" after listening to the second hit album by Anna Patty Duke.  It is simply amazing how much Anna's voice had matured from her first album.  This album tended to showcase Anna's abilities to sing ballads, rather than upbeat pop tunes, in my honest opinion, a smart move.  From the songs you get a true sense of the talent she possess.  This album contained Anna's last Billboard charting songs.


-Craig Emery



Anna succeeds again as a vocalist with "Patty," her second album.
There are many covers of songs made famous by other singers.  "Sure gonna miss him," is every bit as good as the hit recording by Gary Lewis and the Playboys; however, "Yesterday" and "I love how you love me" were not as successful.  "I love how you love me" suffers from some technical problems, with the microphone not adjusted properly.
Anna's vocals are a bit muffled, and her usual energy is missing.
As a voice teacher, I've always wondered why someone never corrected Anna's tendency to dipthong on certain vowel sounds, especially the long A vowel, which always came across as "A -ey."  On the faster tempo songs, it could actually be endearing but not on the ballads.  When she sings "Now I long for yesterday," the latter word comes across as "Yesterdyyea." 
Anna modernized an old Jerome Kern song, "All through day," and it works very well.
The two standouts on this album are "Nothing but You," and "One kiss away."  I think "One kiss away" would have been a wiser choice for single release than "Whenever she holds you."  I think they were trying to recapture the teen angst theme of "Don't just stand there."
"Nothing but you" is very touching, and would have made a good single as well.
Anna dismisses her singing, but she held her own with the other female teen singers of the day.


-Mark Carpenter

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