Meeting Anna
  Stories from fans who have met Anna...


Kevin Behm


Marilyn Buck


Mike Dereniewski


Craig Emery Jr.


Johnny G


Leslie Giambruno


Bill Jankowski


Julie Jones


Jamie Lodwig


Mark Lucas


Tracy Mansur


Angie Mayes


Ryal McMurry


Stacey O'Brien


Carrie Smith


Jeff Suna


Andrew Wellman




We look forward to receiving all of your exciting write-ups of your experiences meeting Anna.  Before you send it to us, however, we do ask that you abide by a few simple rules.

We created the page on the website in order for others to read in-depth stories about those of us lucky enough to meet Anna.  We are not looking for short excerpts of one or multiple meetings, but one story along with a photo from that one special meeting.  If you do not have a photo, that is fine; if you have a photo from another meeting, that is also okay.  If you've met Anna multiple times and would like to mention some of the other meetings, feel free to do so briefly.

Many thanks,
The Webmasters


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