Marilyn Buck
  Meeting Anna at a speech in Missoula, MT 2008



     I met Anna on the 10th of October in Missoula, Montana, at a speech she gave on bipolar disorder.    My mom and I went, along with my little Tia bear (she goes with me when my daughter can't), adding to the crowd of over nine hundred people.

     I first met Mike before the show and we talked for a bit.  Mom now adores them both, as they waved to her.


     During her speech, Anna shared some funny stories.  At one point, she sarcastically spoke of Mike and called him a "poor bastard" for being married to her.  Later, Anna answered questions from the crowd and was so kind to everyone.  After she came off-stage, we waited, as she was surrounded by other fans.  We joked with Mike for a few minutes before he introduced us to Anna.  We also were able to spend some time talking with her.  Mike took two pictures of us and Anna signed my bear--and they both signed my book.


     Mike and Anna are two of the kindest and coolest people I have ever met.


     (I have some short videos for those of you on MySpace.)