Lonely Little In-between






Lonely Little In-between

I feel just like a toy, my head is in a whirl.
I should have been a boy but here I am a girl.
What good is growing up when this is all it means?
I'm an in-between, a lonely little in-between.

I don't have fun on dates, I feel so out of place.
The boys don't act the same as when we're in a race.
I just can't be myself, at least that's how it seems.
I'm an in-between, a lonely in-between.

My father loves me so and I adore him, too.
Why can't he understand the heartaches I am going through?

I don't know who to please, why can't I just be me?
I'm sitting on a fence, confused as I can be.
Sometimes it really hurts just to be fifteen,
and an in-between, a lonely little in-between,
that's me.