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Patty Duke
This is Anna's official website which details her various involvements with the organizations she supports.  It is replete with "Patty Duke's Online Blog," which offers wellness information and resources devoted to erasing the stigma associated with mental health.
The Patty Duke Webpage
The old official website that Bill Jankowski (of Call Me Anna: The Official Patty Duke Website) ran for

five years. Though there will be no further updates, the page will be left up at the request of many fans.

Wrong Turn -- the Movie

This site hosts a synopsis, photo gallery, and trailer for Anna's recent independent film, Wrong Turn.


Patty Duke - Child Stars/Child Actresses/Young Actresses
This site mainly focuses on Anna's career as a child.

The Patty Duke Show - TV Tome
Episode listings for "The Patty Duke Show" as well as extensive information about each episode. Includes

links to locate further information on Anna and the rest of the cast.

Patty Duke Fanzine Info...
The official website for Mike D's "Patty Duke Fanzine." He periodically creates this fun-filled magazine

filled with photos and articles on Anna from over the years. He even gets his musician friends to record

some of Anna's biggest song hits from the 60s on a vinyl record that is included with the magazine.

Patty Duke
Excellent page profiling Anna's enormous popularity as an actress and singer in the 1960s. A very

well-written biography is accompanied by some fun pictures and facts.

The Patty Duke Show - Yesterdayland Prime Time
Nice site dedicated to "The Patty Duke Show" with pictures, information and yes, the

lyrics to the theme song!

Interviews with Patty Duke & William Schallert
Website with pictures (some from Anna's old Los Angeles home) and information about a video for

sign language that Anna and Bill "Poppo" Schallert recorded in 1985. You can even order a copy of the video here!

The Patty Duke Fan Page
Fun page which deals with "The Patty Duke Show" and Anna's hit records.

The Patty Duke Show
Complete cast listings, along with some photos of the hit TV series. And of course...there is the

infamous theme song!

Patty Duke, Ventures, and 57 Chevys !!!
Our good friend, Tim Cox's site has some neat and rare stuff on Anna. It even includes a trade list.

Valley of the Dolls
Carrie Smith's photos and write-up of her February, 2000 experience of getting to be in the audience of a

"Valley of the Dolls" screening which included a Q&A with stars Anna, Barbara Parkins & Lee Grant.

Patty Duke as Neely
Information on one of Anna's most famous and controversial roles: Neely O'Hara in "Valley of the Dolls."

This official movie web site includes photos, audio & video.

Patty Duke (Anna Marie)
Colorful site that includes photos and trivia.


PATTY DUKE: A Tribute to America's Best Actress
A wonderful, mostly pictorial, look at Anna by one of our own group members, Johnny G.


Sean Astin Official Home Page
Sean's official site is just great. Check out what Anna's oldest actor son is up to! Plus you MUST look at

the adorable home movies taken of Sean as a baby!


Sean Astin's Unofficial Website
SANET is dedicated to providing the latest news, information, pictures, videos, event and movie information, and much more about Sean Astin.

The Sean Astin WebSite
Nice look at Sean and his career. Informative with plenty of pictures.


So Adorable - The Alexandra Astin Fansite

Extensive fansite for Sean's eldest daughter, Alexandra.  There is a plethora of information here, including the most up-to-date photo gallery on the Internet.™ | Movies | Cast | Sean Astin as Samwise
Official site to the trilogy of blockbuster movies that Sean stars in based on the classic JRR Tolkein novels.

It has everything you ever wanted to know about LOTR!

Mackenzie Frenzy: The Mackenzie Astin Site
My friend Lani's absolutely awesome dedication to her favorite actor, Mackenzie Astin.

mackenZINE | The Mackenzie Astin Web Site
Entertaining look at Mack's life & career with some great pictures and links!

Sean and Mackenzie Astin
Both of Anna's actor sons are profiled on this site.

The Official Site of Melissa Gilbert and Bruce Boxleitner
The page that is endorsed by both Melissa and hubby Bruce, this site offers biographical and up-to-date

information on the husband and wife acting duo. Melissa has of course costarred with Anna on several

projects and admits that Anna is an idol of hers. Melissa is currently president of The Screen Actor's Guild

(SAG), following in the footsteps of Anna.

Vikki Carr Official Site Home Page
A great page loaded with information on the famous singer who Anna became fast friends with after

they costarred on stage in Follies in 2002.

The Official Sharon Tate Fansite
Tribute to Anna's gorgeous Valley of the Dolls co-star and friend. You'll have a good time here looking at

stunning photos of this blonde bombshell. This site chooses to celebrate her life, not promote her

untimely death.


The Annie Mansfield Sullivan Foundation, Inc.
A great tribute to Annie Sullivan, this page features rare photographs of Annie and Helen Keller, information, and features an original play.  The Sullivan Foundation follows that "the human spirit is stronger than anything that can happen to it."

American Foundation for the Blind
Anna has worked tirelessly for this organization that was started by Helen Keller for many years. Things

she has done for AFB have included posing for posters, giving speeches, hosting fundraisers and telethons

and narrating an audio book endorsed by AFB. In 2001 she was even honored with the prestigious

Helen Keller Achievement Award.

Screen Actors Guild
This is the page to the fifth largest labor union in the United States, The Screen Actor's Guild (SAG).

Anna is only the second woman in history to serve as the president of the guild (1985-88). She is still

active in the voting process, helping to elect her longtime friend Melissa Gilbert to succeed

William Daniels as president.

Let's Save America National Dream Round-Up
Anna serves as Honorary Chairperson to this organization that attempts to make people's dreams come

true. Anna has even recently recorded an inspirational CD for them that is available to buy

through the site.


The Rainbow Connection
Recently, Anna has donated for silent auction various pieces of autographed merchandise to fund this gay and lesbian organization from Wyoming, the state in which Matthew Shepard was killed. Please visit the site to add your support!


NAMI (National Alliance for the Mentally Ill)
One of the top organizations dedicated to dealing with mental illness. Anna has done work for them through

the years including a commercial segment at the end of her autobiographical TV-Movie, "Call Me Anna."


This is an organization launched to help teenagers who suffer from depression and for those teens who are felt to be in danger of attempting suicide. Anna serves on the national advisory council.


The Nemours Foundation: Teen Health

Interesting site devoted to explaining Bipolar Disorder in a simplified way.  It features numerous articles and resources.


National Institute of Mental Health

Very detailed site that explores Bipolar Disorder.  Among other things, it provides useful illustrations, symptoms, courses of treatment, and a plethora of contacts for more information.


Bipolar Family

More than just a website, this community offers leading information in research and treatment options, as well as including an online support group, real-life stories of dealing with bipolar disorder, how to find a qualified doctor, and a mission to empower the afflicted to seek treatment.