Kevin Behm
  Meeting and working with Anna at "Sparkle, Patty, Sparkle!"


With Anna at the Castro Theatre in San Francisco, July 2009


So here's how I met the one and only Patty Duke:


I created and published Patty Duke: Simply the Best on the Internet in February of 2009 and it was a hit amongst her fans and people who really enjoyed seeing her.  Bill ended up sending the link to Anna and her husband.  I was very excited to learn that they liked it and it felt like a honor that this Academy Award-winning actress would take time out of her busy schedule to watch something I made.


About a month after I made the video, Marc Huestis decided to honor Anna and give her a big blow out tribute in San Francisco.  The tribute would consist of clips of her TV appearances both on- and off-screen, interviews, and of course her feature films, and the night would be broken down into segments.  One of the segments was a collage of her most notable TV and movie appearances.  Being that Anna's career consists of so much and it would take a while to put together a good timeline, Bill told Marc that he had a friend who knows how to take clips and edit and arrange them etc. and that I had already made a video using Patty's career and it might be best if him and I assembled the clippings.  Marc okayed the idea, and then we compiled an eighteen-minute video displaying some of Anna's best performances ever.


In April, I unfortunately got in to a car accident and had to decline going to the tribute due to financial issues.  Marc, who is a very nice and good guy to work with, said that he would be willing to pay for my airplane ticket to go since I was helping create the video.  I was very excited and shocked that the entire trip got all set up and arranged.  The tribute was going to be the 20th of July.


After what seemed like forever, my mother and I finally arrived in San Francisco where the Tribute was going to be taking place.  We got all dressed up and headed out to the theatre in which the event sold out and there were going to be over twelve hundred people there.  My mom and I were given VIP treatment and were able to cut in front of at least two hundred people which was in itself very cool.  We had to get into line and were going to be able to take a picture with Anna and had a chance to say hello.


Once she got there, it was amazing: everyone clapped, cheered, and hollered for her, and gave her the type of welcome she deserved.  After a short wait, it finally happened.  I met one of the nicest people; she was phenomenal, very warm and very appreciative of everyone and everything everyone did for her.  She let us take a picture and it was an incredible feeling.


The tribute was amazing.  She did a great on-stage interview and discussed her career and personal life which I knew a lot about, but watching and listening to it live it was made it seem as though I didn't know anything.


She is currently starring in Wicked as Madame Morrible, which is a great role for her.  My mom and I had got tickets to see it, and with Bill and some other big fans of hers, we all went and she was fantastic in it.  It was a rare treat to see someone with such a gift as acting perform live.  After the show, she generally comes out and meets with her fans and signs Playbills.  Bill had it set up for all of us to meet her and have her sign a couple of things.  She eventually came over to all of us saying how great it was to see everyone and she signed her record and a picture for me.


She was and is simply the best.  I will never forget it.