Jamie Lodwig
  Seeing Anna in "Love Letters" 2003...



This past Saturday (June 7th), I got to see Anna and David Ogden Stiers in "Love Letters" in Newport, Oregon. I was very nervous and excited about seeing the play. When Bill told me about it, I was so happy!  Especially finding out that David Ogden Stiers would be in it as well.  I am a fan of his, I loved him in M*A*S*H.  He was the perfect Dr. Winchester.  So I was very happy about seeing two wonderful actors that I love watching on TV performing on stage that evening.

Here is my story on how I first met Anna:

I left my house around 12:30 that afternoon.  I got to Newport, Oregon at 4:15 PM.  Usually it only takes about three hours to get there, but getting through Dundee is a pain you might say! 

OK, anyhow, after I checked into my hotel, I decided to find where the Newport Performing Arts Center was.  I found the Performing Arts Center with no problem.  I still had a few hours before the play started.  I went to the store and got some flowers for Anna and David.  I got back to my hotel and got ready to see the play.  I arrived a little after 7 PM. The play didn't started until 8 PM.  When I got inside I got my ticket that they were holding for me.  I started looking around for Nancy.  Nancy had made a post saying she would be there and that she would be with Jewels.  I was happy to meet some more people from the list so I was excited about that.  Bill gave me a picture of Nancy so I had a little idea of what she looked like.  I went outside to where Nancy and Jewels had gone and asked her if she was Nancy from The Official Patty Duke Fan Club, she said, "yes." I started to talk to them, they were so nice.  I was happy to be with friends from the list instead of roaming the lobby inside where I knew no one.

People started to go inside the theater, because the play was about to begin.  I was lucky enough to get a ticket in the front row, so I was pretty thrilled about that!  I have never seen a play in the front row before so that was neat.  I learned you are definitely up close and personal all right. 

Watching Anna and David performing at a desk and all they have to rely on was their facial expressions and their voices to do this play.  I have never seen a play like that, the only kind of plays I have seen are where you physically act the scenes, so this was a little different to me.  I loved it!

After about an hour both Anna and David walk off the set.  That meant intermission time.  I went outside and saw Nancy and Jewels agian.  We talked some more and after a little while I heard this bell, Nancy or Jewels told me that bell means the intermission is done and the play will start soon.  

I went back to my seat and watched the second half of the play.  At the end of the play everyone was crying.  Anna and David got a 3-5 minute standing ovation.  They both did such a wonderful job.  A lady came out and gave David a red rose and Anna a bouquet of flowers.  The lady also announced that Anna and David will be coming out to mingle with everyone and do some autographs and that there would be no pictures taken.  That was a bummer I thought.  But oh well such is life.

I went back out into the lobby where Jewels was.  Nancy arrived a few minutes later and told me she was outside with Mike and Anna and told them I was there.  I told her thank you so much! The next thing I know Nancy says come on, Jewels tells me follow Nancy.  We had to go from one end of the lobby to the other.  It is not all that big but when you have a lot of people standing around wanting to meet Anna and David it can be a little crowded.  Once we got to the other side of the lobby Nancy introduced me to Mike.  She told him I was a friend of Bill and Lisa's.  I said, "Hello, it is nice to meet you."  He said it was nice to meet me also.  I told him how much I loved the play and what a great job Anna and David did.  He agreed that they did a wonderful job.  When I turned around there was David Ogden Stiers.  I went up to him and told him what a wonderful job he and Anna did.  He said thank you glad you came.  I gave him his roses.  He thanked me again.

After that I watched Anna roam the room meeting everyone she possibly could.  If I am not mistaken she met everyone there.  This is around the time when Anna and David went into a room and they signed autographs.  I was the last one in line, there was about 10 or more people in front of me.  When Anna was signing my playbill Mike leaned over and told her that I was a friend of Billy's. She asked how i knew Billy?  I told her from The Official Group.  She thought that was great!  Well a few more people came in and asked if they could get autographs.  After they were all done signing autographs she came up to me and said thanks for the flowers, they smell wonderful.  I told her no problem glad she liked them.  She then gave me a hug.

Nancy, Jewels, and I went outside and waited for about ten minutes for Anna to come out.  When Anna and Mike came outside Jewels and I went up to them and I asked her if I could get a picture before she left.  She said not a problem, where do you want to take it?  We finally decided near Nancy and Jewels car was good lighting.  Jewels took a picture of us and asked if she should take another?  Anna said yeah you better just incase because of the lighting.  I told Anna thank you so much! She said no problem and gave me a hug.  

They all talked for a bit then Mike and Anna had to get going.  Before they left i asked Anna how her arm was?  She said (not in exact words) it was not feeling all that great that day.

Anna then gave me another hug and said it was nice meeting you.  I said it was nice meeting you too.  Mike also said that it was nice to meet me.  I told him it was great to meet him also.  

I told Nancy and Jewels thank you!  I have no idea what I would have done without them!  You guys are the best!

I got back to my hotel at 11 PM tired and exhausted.  It had been a long day that is for sure.  But one of the best days of my life!  One that I will never forget!  

Thanks again to Bill, Carrie, and Lisa you guys helped me a lot.