Guideposts For Christmas
  Anna's album of Christmas stories...




Guideposts For Christmas



1963 & 1966


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Track Listing:
The Star and the Shepherd Boy ... Dr. Peale
The Christmas Thief ... Patty Duke
The Man Who Missed Christmas ... Dr. Peale
The Surprise Feast ... Patty Duke
The Masterpiece ... Dr. Peale
A String of Blue Beads ... Patty Duke
The Deputy ... Dr. Peale
Toys For a King ... Patty Duke
Let's Go Neighboring ... Dr. Peale
A Brother Like That ... Patty Duke
Santa Rides the Bus ... Dr. Peale
You Can Keep Christmas ... Patty Duke and Dr. Peale
The Stubborn Unbeliever ... Patty Duke
A Boy's Finest Memory ... Dr. Peale
The Best Part of Giving ... Patty Duke
The Greatest Christmas Story of All ... Dr. Peale.


Liner Notes:

This record is not for sale. Like its message, it cannot be bought anywhere. That's because it is about Christmas and, really, the true spirit of Christmas can be found in only one place: in the hearts of men.

Guideposts, an inspirational magazine for all faiths, prepared this recording as a gift, a Christmas gift for people everywhere. Our only purpose in making this record is to express the gratitude we feel on the anniversary of Christ's birth. For you see, we have received a tremendous blessing ourselves. Just 20 Christmases ago, Guideposts was a struggling four-page leaflet with only a few thousand subscribers. Today, the magazine is read by an audience of six million each month. What is responsible for such growth? Its message of hope and faith and love. The same message that this record contains.

Guideposts chose two great story-tellers to relate some of the most treasured Christmas stories ever written. Norman Vincent Peale, pastor of New York City's historic Marble Collegiate Church for 33 years, has become America's "minster to millions" through his numerous best-selling books. Eighteen-year-old Patty Duke is already a veteran actress with a long list of impressive credits including an Academy Award for her sterling portrayal of Helen Keller in The Miracle Worker. Currently, Patty is starring in her own weekly television series, The Patty Duke Show. Together, they share with you heart-warming stories that reveal the real spirit of Christmas. We hope this record makes your Christmas just a little brighter, a little more meaningful.

-The Editors


Fan Review:

Although a "Patty Duke Christmas" LP would have been great, this was the next best thing; Anna and Dr. Peale reading some nice Christmas stories that reveal the true meaning behind the holiday.  Even if you are not a huge fan of stories on record, it is well worth a listen just to hear Anna's young sweet voice reading the stories through your speakers, not to mention the fabulous picture of Anna on the cover.


-Craig Emery, The Official Patty Duke Webpage



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