Greatest Hits
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Patty Duke's Greatest Hits





Record Company:

United Artists Records


Track Listing:

Don't Just Stand There
Why Don't They Understand
Funny Little Butterflies
Little Things Mean A Lot
All I Have To Do Is Dream
What the World Needs Now Is Love

Say Something Funny
Whenever She Holds You
The World is Watching Us
Danke Shoen
Save Your Heart For Me
Lonely Little In-between
Too Young


Liner Notes:

Despite the fact that she is still in her teens, PATTY DUKE has starred on the Broadway stage and has received the highest honors for her acting. She has scintillated in films and was awarded a coveted Oscar, and she has her own highly-rated television program for several years. In the past few seasons, a new facet of Miss Duke's myriad talents has come to the fore and she has become a very successful recording artist with an impressive list of hit singles and albums to her credit. This is not at all surprising to those of us who have watched Patty triumph in one branch of the entertainment industry after another. The enchanting lass has merely blended her considerable abilities as an actress with an appealing voice, a refreshingly youthful approach, and a sound that is distinctively her own. The results are winningly showcased in this album, "PATTY DUKE'S GREATEST HITS."

"PATTY DUKE'S GREATEST HITS" contains the best of Miss Duke's platter performances including those goodies which have occupied high positions on the nation's best-seller charts. Adding spice to this charming musical extravaganza are PATTY DUKE renditions of a sampling of standards and hits of recent vintage, all given the benefit of that very special wholesome approach which has proved to be the trademark of our lovely songstress.

It seems as if just about everybody has come to the conclusion that PATTY DUKE is someone very special. She has conquered us all in everything she has attempted. United Artists Records is proud to present this living proof of her accomplishments in the world of recording. We call it "PATTY DUKE'S GREATEST HITS". We are certain of two things. That you will enjoy the album and that there will be many more hits to come from that gifted young lady.