Give a Little More



Give a Little More

Try, my friend, to face yourself
with all you have in store.
But if you can't,
then brace yourself
and give a little more.

So, you wait
and find yourself
with blues you can't ignore.
Well, then, my friend,
remind yourself
to give a little more.

Make tomorrow dance for you,
strike a brand new pose.
There's always one more chance for you
before the curtains close.

Sure, that old inspired heart
ain't all it was before.
But then, my friend,
that tired heart
should try it's best to soar.

Dry those tears,
forget those fears,
and smile the smile you wore.

Come on, my firend, and give a little,
come on, my friend, and live a little.
Give a little more, more, and more.