Funny Little Butterflies






Funny Little Butterflies

I must be growing up, I'd like to run and hide.
There's something going on, I'm all mixed up inside.

Tonight he held my hand and when our fingers touched,
I felt butterflies, funny little butterflies.

I wonder if it shows, this strange new way I feel,
This strange new feeling that I simply can't conceal.

Tonight he held me tight and all the while we danced,
I felt butterflies, funny little butterflies.

I'm still a little scared, it happened much too fast.
I'm still a little lost between what's coming and what's past.

I know it's not a dream, it's lasted much too long.
Each time I close my eyes, the feeling's still so stong.

Tonight I found it nice just to be a girl
and feel butterflies, funny little butterflies inside.

(Those funny butterflies, those funny butterflies, those funny butterflies)