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  A little bit about the staff...


Bill Jankowski:


My love of Anna Patty Duke began in 1988 when I was eight years old. I was flipping through the channels

one night when I stumbled across something in black and white where a teenaged girl played twins. I was

immediately interested and began watching The Patty Duke Show every night. Before long, my mother

took me down to our local video store to rent The Miracle Worker. I had already studied Helen Keller in

school, so something starring Patty Duke as Helen Keller was a double treat for me.


On November 11, 1990, when Anna's autobiographical TV movie aired on ABC something just "clicked"

inside of me, and the young boy who had been a fan for the last two years had all of a sudden became

enthralled by Patty Duke having to know, see and own everything and anything about her.


In 1997 I began work on The Patty Duke Webpage and soon thereafter had contacted Anna and her

husband Michael Pearce. A dream had come true that was eight years in the making and all of a sudden I

found myself on friendly first name terms with my all-time favorite actress.


By the end of 1998 I had begun The Official Patty Duke Mailing List and was invited to the set of

The Patty Duke Show: Still Rockin' in Brooklyn Heights in Montreal, where I finally got to meet Anna for

the first time.


In 2001 we met again, this time in her home town in Idaho and nearby Spokane, Washington where I also

was lucky enough to meet several other fans from the mailing list that I run. Not only were we fortunate

enough to see Anna in a play in Spokane, but to the icing on the cake was to be invited to hers and Mike's

house afterward, and finally to dinner at a nearby restaurant.


In 2002 we met once again, this time in Los Angeles, where Anna made her musical theatre debut in Follies.


2002 has also brought me the privilege of finally achieving an official fan site for Anna.

Call Me Anna: The Official Patty Duke Webpage.


I hope you all enjoy this site as much as we have bringing it to you.


Billy at ages 8 and 10



Carrie Smith:



I was eight-years-old when I first started watching The Patty Duke Show on Nick-at-Nite.  Even at that

early an age, it was obvious to me that Patty was extremely talented.  I knew that not anyone could pull off two separate lead roles at the same time.  For that, I came to admire Patty Duke, the actress.

It wasn't until I was twelve, however, that I learned of the numerous made-for-TV movies that Patty had

also filmed.  I remember watching "Last Wish" the night it premiered, and with Billy, tried to think of a

way to convince our teacher that we had read the book it was based upon for an upcoming book report.  It

was then, that I realized that Patty Duke was not the average actress.  There was something about her that

made her stand out from everyone else.

Billy convinced me to read Call Me Anna when I was fifteen.  If I wasn't "hooked" by then, this was the

clincher.  Until then, I had no idea that Anna (I had started calling her Anna by this point), had had such a

tumultuous life, and the respect that I had gained for her--not only as an actress, but as a person--had

consumed me.  Soon after, I began collecting her movies and television appearances, and wanted desperately to meet her so I could tell her about the powerful effect she had on my life.


At twenty-one, I started co-teaching a Special Ed. class at my former high school.  Although at the time,

I didn't have a clue as to what I was doing, I had researched my role as teacher by (as odd as it may sound)

watching both versions of "The Miracle Worker," "The Violation of Sarah McDavid," and

"Cries from the Heart."  Anna's portrayal of both student and instructors had taught me the patience and

compassion needed in order to succeed.


I wish I knew the words to tell Anna just how much she has influenced my life.  I will forever be grateful.


"Another pair of identical cousins?!?"