"Meetin's on the Porch"


Canon Theater
205 North Canon Drive
Beverly Hills, California 90210



"Meetin's on the Porch"

January 24 - March 4, 1990




Patty Duke:          Jenny Bilvens
Susan Clark
Carrie Snodgress


Written by Donald MacKechnie
Directed by Richard Olivier and Donald MacKechnie
Set and Lighting Design by D. Martyn Bookwalter
Costumes by Nancy Jo Smith
Sound by Jon Gottlieb


"For these women, their fiercely loyal friendship defines the course of their lives...the novelty lies in Mackechnie's modernistic take on his refreshing characters... Hard-working, hardheaded Amy, high-spirited Haley, and prim and proper Jenny."
 --Los Angeles Times


"Porch' lights up the stage with a captivating portrait of American life."
 --The Daily News


"As Mackechnie's play gathers strength, it's fun to watch the three actors develop their characters from bumptious and bickering 17- year-olds to doddering but feisty octogenarians."
--The L.A. Weekly