"Isle of Children"


Cort Theatre
138 W. 48th St., New York, NY




"Isle of Children"

March 16, 1962 - March 24, 1962

11 performances






Patty Duke:          Deirdre Striden
James Aubrey:          Philip Anding
Bonnie Bedelia:          Cathy Lanene
Norma Crane:          Ruth Striden
Stefan Gierasch:          Leon Hallett
Louise Latham:          Sara Paulson
Noel Willman:          Eugene Striden


Produced by Lester Osterman, Jr.
Directed by Jules Dassin
Written by Robert L. Joseph


"And how Patty Duke plays the wounded child!  Patty has graduated from the role of the mute little Helen Keller in 'The Miracle Worker' to a Deirdre whose sorrow quickens a natural, overflowing articulateness.  It would be an impertinence to call this a virtuoso performance; Patty has transformed herself into Deirdre...Patty encompasses a subtle range of emotions and delivers lines that would faze and adult...'Isle of Children'...has given Patty Duke a role she always will remember."
--Howard Tubman, New York Times 3/17/62


"Miss Duke is not an accomplished child actress, she is an accomplished actress who happens to be a child at the moment."
--Walter Kerr, New York Herald Tribune 3/17/62