Frequently Asked Questions
  Inquiring minds want to know!




Can you send me an autographed picture of Patty Duke?

Although we are affiliated with Anna, we do not accept autograph requests at this time.


Do you offer Patty Duke merchandise for sale?

What you see pictured on this site is just a sample of the merchandise that is currently or was once available to purchase.  Visit our Shopping page for information on where to find these items.


I have Patty Duke merchandise that is not pictured on your site.

Because so much has been produced over the years, it's next to impossible to obtain everything.  If you have something that is not pictured and would like to see it on our site, please send a scan or digital picture (.jpg format is preferred) to us at


Where can I purchase TV shows or movies in which Anna has starred?

Check out sites like  Also, Bill often accepts trades for rare appearances.

Visit his Trade List for a complete listing of what he offers.


How can I meet Patty Duke?

The public appearances of which we are aware are posted on our News page.  Be sure to check frequently for the latest information.


I've heard about an unreleased folk album that Patty Duke recorded.  Where can I get it?

Yes, Anna did record a folk album in 1968, and songs such as "Puff the Magic Dragon" and "Blowin' in the Wind" are featured.  However, because this album was never officially released, we are not authorized to make copies of it.


How can I write to Patty Duke?

Because we cannot give out Anna's home address, we have set up an e-mail account for fans to contact her.  The e-mails are then screened and are sent directly to Anna.  Due to her busy schedule, however, we cannot guarantee a reply.  To e-mail a letter to Anna's account, write to


Did Patty Duke really produce a line of clothing?

During the run of The Patty Duke Show, a line of "Teen Topper" hats were produced.  Similar lines of dresses and jewelry were also produced.  To see pictures, visit our Miscellaneous Memorabilia page.


Do you still organize trips to meet Patty Duke?

We have never "organized" a trip.  Although we post the information we know of, it is up to you to follow through.


I have met Patty Duke in the past and would like to post my story on your site.

We'd love to feature it!  Although many of Anna's fans have met her more than once, we are looking for write-ups of specific meetings only.  We created our Meeting Anna page in order for others to read in-depth stories; we are not looking for short excerpts of one or multiple meetings.  A photo to accompany the write-up is preferred but is not required.


Can I work for Call Me Anna: The Official Patty Duke Webpage?

We'd love for your help!  Unfortunately, we cannot offer any monetary compensation at this time.  However, if you would still like to help, please visit our Help Wanted page for more information.