The Patty Duke Diet




ü      Tired of treadmills and exercise bikes?

ü      Exhausted from aerobics and Tae-bo™?

ü      Sick of "spooning your way to health" with the latest fad diets?



If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, the new Patty Duke Diet is guaranteed to be the weight loss alternative for you!

ü      No more counting calories!

ü      No more painful workouts!

ü      No more prescription pills!


Commercial weight loss products like Slim Fast™ [] and Weight Watchers™ [] promise quick and reliable results, however, chalky shakes and

small portions only work for so long.  Relying on dietary supplements and reduced calorie meals is

not only unhealthy, but also unappetizing.


Appetite suppressors like Dexatrim™ and Meridia™ are loaded with stimulants and are easy to forget.


            The new Patty Duke Diet is 100% Ephedra and Fen-Phen free!


Statistical analysis shows The Patty Duke Diet to be 100% safe and effective,

guaranteed to deliver results!


Adrenaline is the body’s own naturally occurring stimulant and has proven to be effective in weight loss with all clinical trials.     It not only increases one’s energy level, but also provides the motivation for invincibility.


Adrenaline (C9H13NO3) kicks-in during times of extreme physical stress or mania.  When on this natural “high,” the body reacts not to caloric intake, but to the hormone which serves as both vasoconstrictor and cardio-stimulant. 


Research has proven that when one is face-to-face with Patty Duke, adrenaline levels escalate, causing heightened moods, increased awareness, and reduced feelings of hunger (Jankowski and Smith, 1998).


Participants reported feeling “too excited” to even think about food!















The Patty Duke Diet is great!  It’s the

fastest, simplest way to lose weight!” – Jeff Keller





“And it worked?!?” -- Patty Duke




“No more yucky shakes!  The Patty Duke

Diet helped me to lose those pesky pounds!” – Lisa Thomas



The Patty Duke Diet is fun and easy. 

I really didn’t feel like eating!” – Tracy Mansur


99.9% agree that The Patty Duke Diet is fool-proof!





“If only I had known sooner about the Patty Duke diet,  it would have saved me years of frustration!   The first time I had dinner with Patty Duke, I think I took one bite out of my pizza.  The second time, I had only a few spoonfulls of my soup.  If you’re serious about shedding those unwanted pounds, try The Patty Duke Diet!  Take this former chubby's word for it, IT WORKS!”

                                                            –Stacey O’Brien






“I have gone on The Patty Duke Diet in Canada, Spokane, and Los

Angeles.  There is just something about eating with Patty Duke that

makes one very nervous.  It’s not intentional on her part, but I think

most everyone says, ‘Oh, my God!  I’m actually sitting here, eating

with Patty Duke!’  I, for one, would rather not stuff my face with food,

but keep my mouth free in order to pick her brain.  I can’t even eat

stuff that is light, like soup, around Patty Duke.  I just don’t know how

some people can eat a big ol’ cheeseburger deluxe around her!


–Bill Jankowski







“I’ve been on The Patty Duke Diet three times.  For me, it was most successful in Spokane.  While on it, I remember eating an average of one meal for every two days I was there; I never once thought about being hungry!  The Patty Duke Diet guarantees quick and easy results!  It worked for me and it can work for you, too.”

  –Carrie Smith









“When I met Patty Duke in Boise, food and drinks were plentiful. 

I honestly didn’t think The Patty Duke Diet would have an effect

on me, but boy, was I wrong!  I just couldn’t eat.  I could barely

drink the soda I’d ordered!  I lost five pounds in Idaho.  Now,

when The Patty Duke Diet is mentioned, I laugh.  I know that it

really does work!”

                                                                        –Leslie Giambruno









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The new & improved, all-inclusive Puddin’ Diet asks participants to eat as many high-calorie and fattening foods as possible in relatively short amounts of time.  These foods include (but are not limited to): cheeseburgers, fried mozzarella sticks, pasta, french fries, onion rings, and PLENTY of Dr. Pepper!


As a special reward, one is provided with a neverending supply of chocolate puddin’ for those midnight munchies!


The Puddin’ Diet is guaranteed to pack on the pounds in only a matter of hours!  No longer will you fear wasting away, devoid of festive “love handles” and “thunder thighs.”  You’ll notice an expansion of your waistline after every meal!



For more information, please call 1-(900) 349-4748, and ask for Shrek.

Note: Some participants have reported frequent, oily discharge with use.


Disclaimer:  the views expressed on this site are for entertainment purposes only.