1998 Chat Transcript
  A chat with Anna done in 1998...


Billy: Hello, and welcome Anna and Mike! We have a lot of excited people in here now


Billy: Who have lots of things to ask and say, so we'll get started


Billy: Would you like to say anything first Anna?


Anna: Hi you all look as good as you did thirty five years ago.


Billy: We all look great for being over 35 and I'm 17!


Anna: We are so excited I've redone my makeup five times in the last thirty minutes


Billy: Ok, we will be going in the order of the screen names a the list to your right


Anna: Okay


Dave: Anna, do you remember doing a two-part Patty Duke Show??


Anna: I am thinking, I'm ashamed I don't remember it, or them.


Dave: You had a double part and so did another member of the cast


Anna: Was it a Christmas show followed by a New Years show? Bill Schallert, Poppo, played Uncle         Kenneth, Cathy's father.


Dave: Yes, "The Christmas Present" and "Auld Lang Syne."


Anna: You are great for exercising my long-term gray matter.


Dave: Correct, and one more thing, Anna, do you remember something very, very special that you did at the conclusion of the show?


Anna: I know I cried and so did Cathy, but the rest is still in the ether.


Dave: You came out of character and talked straight to the audience.


Anna: Oh my God, I do remember. We were ahead of our time.


Anna: Bye, David.


Vicki: Hi Anna, I'm a long time fan of yours, who definitely was around 35- years ago.


Anna: Hooray.


Vicki: The movie "Fight For Life," was almost a mirror of our own struggle to get sodium valproate, now know as Depakene/Depakote.


Anna: It was very much like my struggle to be diagnosed. I had the benefit of lithium being available.


Vicki: Do you know who the man at NIH really was?


Anna: I don't.


Vicki: J. Kiffen Penry, he passed away 2 years ago, and he was a big fan of yours.


Anna: I am very humbled and touched to think he even knew of my existence.


Vicki: He was proud of that movie and the awareness it produced; so was I. And you did it very well, expressing the frustration and the rewards of finding an answer for your child.


Anna: Once in awhile in my business, we really do get a chance to entertain and enlighten, and to shed some light on the goodness people do. As you know, telling such a story is an enormous team effort, much like life I suppose.


Laura: Hello, Mike and Anna. My name is Laura, and I would like to extend a very warm welcome to you both to this chat room. I want to say to Anna that I am VERY honored to be speaking with you, and I have been a LOYAL fan of yours for many years!


Anna: Thank you and the same to you, Laura!


Laura: I love you Anna!!! YOU are the VERY BEST there is!


Anna: Great, don't stop now.


Laura: I want to give you a hug as that is my goal to do so when I meet you, so here's an e-mail hug for ya. (((((((Anna))))) I wanted to ask you this:


Anna: I have already gotten your spiritual hug.


Laura: What was it like knowing Helen Keller? How well did you know her? How often did you get to see her?


Anna: I saw Miss Keller only twice. Once very briefly at a public party for her 80th birthday, and once a very private and magical day at her home at Achen Ridge, Connecticut.


Laura: Oh Anna, you are such a sweetheart! :) Oh, that is wonderful! I bet it was an honor to meet her, huh?


Anna: I felt as if I had known her as long as I had known anyone, she was down right fun, giddy, very handsome, statuesque, I have one little story to share about our day. She told me that she enjoyed a couple of martinis every evening. At her last checkup, her doctor advised her to cut out the martinis. "Why?" She asked. "What terrible thing could possibly happen?" And she laughed at her own irony, and had her martinis.


Laura: Thank you for sharing.


Anna: Thank you.


Billy: Thank you, that was very nice...both of you.


Carrie: Hi, Anna! My English teacher, Richard "Nigel" Vogel, insists he's your cousin. He has a long story about going to the movies with you, do you know him?


Anna: Your English teacher, who would be appalled at our typing and grammar, is indeed my cousin.


Carrie: Really? that's amazing!


Anna: His mother and mine were best friends.


Billy: He was my drama teacher as well, two years ago, when I went to school with Carrie.


Anna: How was he?


Billy: You don't want to know.




Carrie: He was a good teacher, in my opinion.


Billy: But again, we did "The Pajama Game."


Anna: It could effect your grades, retroactively.


Carrie: To say I learned a lot from him, is an understatement. I just finished another play under his direction. If you ever have a message for him, just let Billy know, and I'll pass it along!


Anna: "The Pajama Game" on Broadway, was the very first play I ever saw. I thought it was so sexy. I was ten. I still find it sexy.


Billy: I'm sure that was great! The movie was, wish we can say the same about our version!


Anna: LOL


Carrie: LOL, it was a typical high school play, nothing great.


Anna: I think in retrospect, you will love your version. Time heals...


Carrie: Thank you, Anna!


Anna: Thank you!


Billy: That's Carrie, Anna, the one I wrote you about.


Carrie: :-)


Anna: Ok, mystery solved.


Billy: Ok, I am done


Anna: Not unless you have been in the oven!


Victor: First, I'd like to say hi and thanks for this chance to speak to you.


Anna: The pleasure is mine.


Victor: I've also been a fan for 35 years!


Anna: Boy, we boomers are loyal!


Victor: You picked probably the biggest Patty fan to host your first chat, Billy.


Anna: We've come to know of his dedication and we love him!


Victor: I know you must be very proud of your sons, Mack and Sean.


Anna: You said it!!!!!!!!!!!! Mack has a TV movie airing May 3rd, the Long Island Incident. I have seen about 6 promos for it, and even in the privacy of our own home, I am forced to blurt out, "DAMN he's good!" Sean has a TV movie due out, I know not the date. At the moment, he is busy writing low-budget movies for his mother and brother. He and Chris regal us with stories about our genius granddaughter, who told her mother that her behavior was unacceptable.


Victor: The second real acting job Sean had was in "The Rules of Marriage," in 1982. "Rules" starred Sean & Bewitched's Elizabeth Montgomery. Can you describe "Patty Duke's" meeting with "Samantha"?


Anna: Help, I'm blanking. Sorry, I am confused.


Victor: Do you remember meeting Liz on the set of "Rules of Marriage"?


Anna: I was crazy about Liz. She was so good to Sean when they worked together, but our paths first crossed in 1962. She was dating the director of The PD Show. If I had known the phrase she was hot then,

I would have used it.


Victor: LOL. Well, you're still hot! Is that okay to say, Mike?


Anna: LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. That's only because you can't see me. But my typist with whom I sleep, agrees with you LOLOLOL.


Victor: Well, you looked great on Rosie!


Anna: Kevin and Mack really pulled me together to go on Rosie. I was unbelievably nervous. She was grand.


Victor: Well, you pulled it off. Rosie was probably more of a wreck. Good night Anna, and thanks.


Billy: When is Weezy going to start acting, Anna?


Anna: She is 17 months old. She already is acting, how do you know about Weezy?


Billy: I read it in an article. Ok, I want to ask you Anna, out of the movies you have done, which is your favorite, least favorite, and why?


Anna: Oh gosh, this is tough. I have had some good ones.


Billy: They are all great, I couldn't answer this!


Anna: I will just throw some out there: "My Sweet Charlie," an old one with Helen Hayes, "One Red Rose for Christmas," "Captains and the Kings," "A Christmas Memory," and more. Least favorite: "Curse of the Black Widow."


Billy: I KNEW it!


Anna: LOL. Someday when we have more time, I'll tell you the mechanics of the red hour glass attached to my belly; a true highlight.


Billy: I remember reading about that in your book and laughing at that part. Jeez, high camp! It is a camp classic, Anna!


Anna: Camp Minniehaha


Billy: We all love it, just because you are in it...


Anna: I just fired my typist. I got it from my grammar-teaching cousin


Billy: LOL!


Linda: Hi Anna, I'm a big fan. I'm a special ed. teacher because of you in "The Miracle Worker." You are a great person!


Anna: I am so moved by that idea, that I find it difficult to absorb.


Linda: I just wanted to know if you remember doing "Birdbath?" It was great!


Anna: Very well.


Linda: You are my idol.


Anna: I learned a good lesson while working on "Birdbath." You see, I didn't have a clue what the play was about, but I was too embarrassed to tell anybody. All I could do was rely on my instincts. I received a telegram from the playwright Leonard Malfi, it said, "That's it. That's Velma." I remember the line, "Coffee cake and caviar for breakfast." I try to remember that lesson if I do understand the play.


Linda: Well, I won't take up anymore time. I love you, Anna! You are the best!


Anna: I Love you, too.


Billy: Ok, thanks Linda! I HAVE to see that! It sounds so bizarre. I wish I could get my hands on it.


Linda: I wish I had "Birdbath" on tape.


Anna: I don't have it either. Wasn't it a PBS show?


Linda: Yes. Thank you, Anna.


Tim: Salutations to my favorite redhead.


Anna: LOL, it is a good thing you can't see it now. Yes, it is gray.


Tim: I just have memories of hair, so you can have any you like.


Anna: LOL, I'll take whatever I can get.


Tim: I would like to thank you for helping me raise my kids right.


Anna: I'm stunned.


Tim: They love your tapes, and I know you hate your records, but they learned many standards by them.


Anna: Oh!!! They obviously have good parenting. A little known secret is that occasionally we unearth an album, and I sing along as if I really could.


Tim: I have seen some good reviews.


Anna: Of my singing?


Tim: Yep.


Anna: My mother had to have written them


Tim: I had one posted on my page for a while, it was very nice.


Billy: I don't mean to interrupt, but Tim's page is on the newsletter if you ever want to look.


Anna: I dream of doing a Broadway musical. When I am so old, no one would be rude enough to complain. Oh thanks, Tim.


Tim: My twins dressed as Patty and Cathy one year, for Halloween.


Anna: LOL


Tim: My son won't do that again, though.


Anna: Was anybody able to guess who they were? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL


Tim: Sadly, just about half.


Anna: We have to get Nick-at-Nite going again. I'm firing my typist again!


Tim: Are your shows playing in Brazil?


Anna: I don't know. Sometimes it is very hard to track where the show is playing. See, if it plays, they have to pay me. Anyone knows. And Cathy gets really cranky when she doesn't get her residuals.


Tim: I have sold a few records to collectors there recently.


Anna: The Reunion Show should air early fall.


Tim: Do you still know Lou Adler?


Anna: Sadly, I haven't kept in touch. If I fire my typist for the third time, will he stop?


Tim: I asked him once why he didn't produce your records.


Anna: What did he say, I mean besides the girl can't sing?


Tim: He said something about Cathy and Billy D. Kramer?


Tim: I was lost.


Anna: We are lost together.


Tim: Thanks for your time.


Anna: Oh, it was a lovely way to spend it.


Tim: The pleasure is ours.


Victoria: Hi Anna! Another loyal boomer here!


Anna: We hang in there!


Victoria: I wanted to ask how life on the farm is these days? Do you do chores—slopping hogs, etc.?


Anna: Hmm, I'll give you some highlights and probably some lowlights. The animal count is about sixty now. Six llamas, six horses, three donkeys, five goats, three new babies, one lonely lamb, ten rabbits, two turtles, salt water tank, freshwater tank, two hamsters, three frogs, two tadpoles, two chameleons, two cats, two Canadian geese, four ducks, seven dogs, two Cockatiels, two parakeets, and two finches. We think that is everybody. You can imagine the feeding and scooper schedules are taxing, to say nothing of Kevin. Spring is almost here, get the vegetable garden ready, pray for the roses to come back, and if I'm smart, get a job.


Victoria: Do you think you will stay in Idaho if the reunion show sparks a series?


Anna: Yes.


Victoria: Thanks Anna -- we love you!


Anna: Bye, Victoria.


Billy: The series spin-off would be filmed in Canada, I believe?


Anna: I have heard talk about Canada. It's great for US economics to shoot there.


Billy: Yeah, many of your movies are done there...


Anna: I don't think a decision will be finalized until much closer to an actual series.


Audrey: Hello, Anna. My name is Audrey, and I have a few questions to ask you. Back when "The Patty Duke Show" was airing, when people ran into you, did they think you actually had a twin cousin?


Anna: YES.


Audrey: Really? What did you tell them?


Anna: It was very difficult because they were usually grownups. I learned a lot about diplomacy. After feeling awkward and realizing they were serious, I opted for a lie or I bored them, by telling how to do a split screen.


Audrey: LOL. A friend who couldn't be here, asks "What if any, is your favorite piece of "Patty Duke Show" memorabilia?"


Anna: The paper dolls have great figures, for which I did not model. I have never had a Patty Duke doll, but I probably wouldn't like her hair, anyway.


Audrey: Why's that?


Anna: Didn't you think their hair was goofy?


Audrey: Yeah, come to think of it, LOL.


Anna: Patty and Cathy, I mean. Patty and Cathy, I mean.


Anna: I have to answer twice, because Cathy wants to be heard.


Audrey: Thank you so much, Anna, for your time.


Anna: Let's do it again, sometime.


Anna: That's it. The typist has been fired!


Cindy: Hello Anna. It is so great to talk to you. When you were making "The Patty Duke Show," did you ever realize that it would still be loved and watched 30-years later?


Anna: No, I didn't. The idea of any longevity for the show made me nervous back then. Ahh, youth!


Cindy: Why was that?


Anna: I equated my life problems of the time with the show. That was most inaccurate. The show the saved my life.


Cindy: Oh. Did you ever watch it when it was on Nick-at-Nite?


Anna: Yes.


Cindy: LOL!! I can picture that!


Anna: I sneaked back to a hotel while my husband went to the barracks, put the do not disturb sign on the door, and tuned in for the very first time.


Cindy: Really? Did you like it?


Anna: I was surprised that we were as good as we were, but I still hated the hair, LOL.


Cindy: Well, Anna, I just wanted to end with I think you are a great actress, and thank you for talking with me!


Anna: Thank you for talking with me!


Stacey: I would like to say you are just the best actress I have ever seen.


Anna: It's nice to meet my newest best friend.


Stacey: I also wanted to tell you that my acting school shows "The Miracle Worker" to the students to show them how child actors should act.


Anna: I am flattered, and if child actors have such a part, they will act your socks off.


Stacey: My question for you is, does Kevin show any signs of wanting to be in the business, and if so, do you encourage him?


Anna: It is kind of hit and miss with Kevin. He certainly demonstrates talent and ability, but right now he is planning to be a master chef. I think he likes the costume.


Stacey: I want to tell you that I have been studying acting for 5 years, and it would be an honor to someday work with you.


Anna: Oh my, I look forward to that. Over the past few years, I have worked with so many gifted young performers. It is inspiring.


Stacey: Well, you have certainly been my inspiration through the years, and I thank you.


Anna: I am tired, a neighborhood friend birthed a little boy a couple days ago, and I have been standing in line to play Grandma. Thank you for your lovely thoughts.


Billy: One more question, Anna, and that will count for everyone. We cannot find an answer to this: WHEN if ever, is "The Disappearing Act" going to air? You made it a year ago.


Anna: It will, but under a new title, and brace yourself for this: "When He Didn't Return" airs May 19th. More importantly, "The Long Island Incident," starring Mackenzie Astin, airs May 3rd. He's brilliant, a totally unbiased opinion.


Billy: One day after my birthday! I'm May 2nd!


Anna: Happy Birthday!!!!!


Billy: Why thank you, I'm going to be 18.


Billy: I wanted to tell you, Anna, from all of us, that you have inspired generations both before and after (love that movie) your generation.


Anna: I loved that movie, too.


Anna: It is time to say goodnight to all of you.


Dave: Thank you Anna and Michael, for your time this evening.


Billy: Yes, thank you so much, and I hope you enjoyed this as much as we have.


Anna: Thank you for stoking my memory. I had such a good time, Now I am going to sleep with the typist, and see if that will help. We love you Mikey!!!!


Cindy: Goodnight Anna and Mike!! :)


Stacey: Goodnight Anna


Carrie: Goodnight! Thanks for setting the record straight about my English teacher!!


Linda: Goodnight, Anna and Mike.


Billy: Talk to you soon. This will be a night to remember for all who spoke to you.


Laura: Goodnight, Anna! I love you always!


Anna: Goodnight, John Boy!


Billy: Goodnight, Patty Duke Anna Pearce.


Vicki: We love you Anna :) Hope you will do this again soon!


Anna: God Bless you, Billy, and Happy Easter and Happy Pasach!


Billy: Same here, lets all hum Amazing Grace to ourselves now! Goodnight all!


Anna: Goodnight to all of you, and very Happy Easter from the lonely typist.


Anna: I must sign off now. Billy, we will talk soon. Goodnight all and Merry Christmas. Bye you guys!


OnlineHost: Anna has left the room.


Billy: I'm gone. Thanks to all for coming!